COVID-19 Message from our CEO

A Message from the CEO - Mr. Anoop Watts

Today I’m sharing an update on the steps that we’re taking to help the clients we serve; both here in the UK and around the world.
Many of the ideas and contingency plans we are putting into action comes from colleagues all over the world who are working around the clock and I have never been prouder to lead this team - this family. All of our offices have directly been impacted by lockdown measures which have been rightly put in place to try and combat this virus.
As I write this, the COVID-19 situation continues to develop further and we are dealing with a significant global challenge.
The World Health Organisation has declared this outbreak a pandemic. Many governments globally have taken stricter and impactful measures to ensure the safety of their citizens. Adding to the current health issues, it is apparent that there is a much wider impact on all of our lives as well as the global economy. This has, understandably, created a great sense of unease, uncertainty and instability everywhere.
It is in relation to this that I would like to address you on behalf of our global teams and colleagues in Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau and India, all of whom have been directly affected by the lockdown measures and restrictions due to COVID-19.
I would like to personally thank our schools who we have been working very closely with over the past three months both for our long and short-term placements alongside our guardianship students. I would also like to send my gratitude to our families and students who have been patient and adaptable with the ever-changing rules and regulations, all of which we need to abide with to ensure ‘all’ are safe and well and cohesively work towards combatting the virus.
We are continuing to receive a high volume of enquiries from new students and families who are receiving the usual high standard of support. As a reminder, our schools are still continuing to assess students through our online portals and they have offered huge, tremendous flexibility in placement provision for international students. Below, as part of our update, you may find information on new student applications.
Updates and Changes
Virtual Systems
We have set up a number of platforms whereby new student applications and assessment can be completed swiftly. A direct link will be sent to new applicants upon our usual registration process. We have also started our online tuition and learning seminars which have been extremely important in providing a range of activities and variety of subjects for students to continue their learning. Thank you to our Marketing and ICT teams for working tirelessly to devise such a provision so swiftly.
Response Time for New Enquiries
We normally contact clients back within 24 hours however this will now be a minimum of 72 hours though we will endeavour to get back to you sooner. The reason for this temporary measure is to safeguard against any immediate practical changes we may need to make if again we need to make any flexible amendments.
For new school applicants, we would like to remind you that a recent academic report and id copy is essential for Stage 1 consideration, please have this ready to avoid any delays.
Local Support
UKAcademia will be starting a  ‘Support Fund’ specifically to support those most impacted by COVID-19. Many of our partners are supporting the fund, which will support the most vulnerable members of our communities.
UKAcademia Academy Launch Postponed
Due to restrictive measures across a number of industries, we have taken the decision to postpone our Academy opening for 12 months minimum pending further updates. We simply cannot work on the administration and planning due to partners involved in this project not being able to physically work at this time. Alongside this, UKAcademia is pushing a specific focus on contingency to serve our clients during this unprecedented time to ensure the highest level of customer service is being delivered.
Final Thought
I started this company with a vision that the culture and ethos will be one that ensures safeguarding, customer service and integrity are at the heart of what we do. This message is even more apparent now and aside from our clients, it is important that we keep our staff safe as much as we can also.
I am pleased that we continue to receive interest in applications and online opportunities however my real concern and focus is ensuring that ALL of you remain safe and well and this is the most important thing, after all. Please follow your local government advice and look after each other (including yourselves). Opportunities come and go, and I am a great believer in what is meant to be will be, so, at this time please try not to focus on worry or uncertainty, focus on staying healthy, helping others and finding the time to grow through learning new things.
I am aware that this is a longer message than normal however this is the first time after six weeks of rigorous planning and meetings that I now have had the chance to offer an update on changes and contingency and even more so, the chance to offer so many people my gratitude and thanks for working over and beyond their remit.
Anoop Watts
CEO - UKAcademia