Boarding Schools: What Makes Them Great

Boarding Schools: What Makes Them Great

9th October 2020 Uncategorized 0

UK boarding schools offer some of the best educational opportunities for students all over the world. Read our blog to find out what makes these schools truly great!

When you think of the British education system, you generally think about schools like Eton and Harrow and Universities like Oxford and Cambridge. The reason we think of these is that they are at the pinnacle of what it means to be outstanding, and we all want our children to have access to this outstanding education.

If you are an international family looking at the education options open to your child, then a British boarding school may be the best choice. To help you understand what these boarding schools offer, we have shared some information about what they do and how they do it, allowing you to decide if they are what your child needs to succeed.

Best Boarding Schools in UK

One of the most commonly asked questions we get here at UKAcademia is ‘which British boarding schools are the best?’. Unfortunately, this question is not easy to answer, as all schools offer a unique education that may or may not suit your child.

To find the best boarding school for your child, you need to look deeper than UK League Tables and actually work out what makes your child tick. Do they have a love of sport or music, are they academically gifted in STEM or the Arts? When we help to place children, we take an entire profile of who they are and then use this to base our school choices on. This means that not only do we provide a personalised service, but your child will end up in the best boarding school for their ability and interests.

Top Catholic Boarding Schools UK

Many parents get in touch, wanting to seek a Catholic education for their child. There is a range of Catholic boarding schools in Britain, and we would be happy to help you find the one that fits best with your beliefs and your educational expectations.

Accessing a faith-based school can a brilliant choice when you are far away from your child as it gives you a link to them through your beliefs and allows them to be raised in a similar environment to the way you would bring them up at home. Many parents find that faith-based schools work best for their children and so we make it our mission to ensure that we show you as many potential faith-based schools as possible when looking for an establishment for your child.

Accessing a Broad and Balanced Education

Each UK boarding school sets its own curriculum, but they all work towards the same exams. This means that your child’s academic potential will be nurtured to suit their ability and progress at the speed they are able to work at.

Small class sizes also allow your child to enjoy detailed tuition on a daily basis with personalised feedback and action plans that get the absolute best from your child. This is what makes boarding school a great choice because your child will learn how to focus hard on their work and enjoy the outcomes that will change their life forever.

If you are concerned that your child may struggle in a particular subject or maybe not get the push that they need to succeed, then you need not worry. Independent schools are designed to help your child understand the need for academic rigour and will provide extra tuition to help them maximise their potential. Simply talk to us about what your goals are for your child, and we will help to find a school that works for them perfectly.

Boarding School Fees

Each UK boarding school sets its own fees for students, and these fees reflect the cost of living, educating, and providing activities for your child to engage with when not in lessons. Many parents have a budget in mind when they look to send their child to a UK boarding school, but it is also sensible to talk to us about costs before making any applications.

We can help you work out what you will be expected to pay and the different methods of payment so that your child can enjoy an uninterrupted education. In addition to this, we can help you to research and apply for a range of scholarships, bursaries and grants available to help you get the best placement for your child without having to worry about fees.

When you first contact us, we suggest that you tell us whether you are able to make full fee payments or if you are looking for funding opportunities. This will enable us to suggest the right options for you and allow us to find the perfect placement for your child. There are many international students in the UK that benefit from funding support, and we would be happy to help you find out if you are eligible too.

Working With UKAcademia

Finding a placement in a British boarding school can be really difficult if you are an international family; that is why we opened UKAcademia! Our mission is to help you select the best possible school for your child, and we do that by holding virtual meetings, providing you with detailed information about schools and by being your link to all these schools.

We attend meetings, can schedule interviews, and help you to prepare your child for any entrance exams that they may need to undertake. We even provide an ongoing guardianship service so that you can have complete peace of mind that your child will be safe and looked after when they are in the UK.

If you like the sound of what we have to offer then just get in touch with us today. We would love to find out more about you and your child and help you to find the right boarding school so that your loved one can go on to achieve the success that they deserve. Do not delay, get in touch today to discuss admissions for the next academic year.