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UKAcademia partners with top independent schools across the UK offering affordable packages for students aged 6 to 17 
If you are based in the United Kingdom, UKAcademia provides an outstanding service that supports placements for your child into both day and boarding independent schools all over the UK.
We have created a number of exclusive scholarship and bursary rates with schools that make private schooling for your child more affordable.

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Historically, private schooling was viewed as a form of education only available to families from wealthy backgrounds, affluent areas and high-net worth incomes. Today, due to a number of reasons, we see a positive break in this trend and more diverse student populations are studying in private schools both as day and full-time boarding students.
The shift in school admissions and opportunities has arisen due to a number of factors, here are some of the core explanations:

Schools recognising the need for a diverse student community

A growth in varied subject specialisms offered at university level signifying more value to subjects and talents outside of the traditional subject

Schools further identifying recruitment as a key strategic growth component to further building on their outstanding provision for academic attainment

As a result of the positive changes in academic subjects and innovation growth in industries, British private schools are keen to consider strengths and advantages that are brought to their school through a more varied curriculum and student population. Local British and International students have more and more exciting and highly valued opportunities to take advantage of, such as:
  • Scholarships, bursaries and reduced fees for full time or flexi boarders
  • Individualised programmes and tuition classes
  • Access to local and international academic, sporting, art and music competitions

Academic Excellence

The most popular reason for sending your child to a private school however remains the same today as it did 30 years ago, academic excellence. The fact is, private schools clearly outperform state schools when it comes to academic attainment and top university destination ratios. Take a look at the following figures:
Source by TES, 18 October 2018
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