International Enquiries

 “Wherever you are in world, we guarantee you the best service from start to finish”

UKAcademia works closely with international families, with children wishing to study in the UK, to ensure the best service from start to finish. Our Admissions Package is simple yet so effective. It is broken down into five stages and we have thought about all challenges faced by students, parents and agents.

Whatever your educational needs, we will help you from start to finish to find the right school or course. There are a number of exciting opportunities all over the world and with our advisors located across the globe, language barriers need not be a problem.

We have spent years trying to understand the needs and wants of international families and it has been a very exciting journey for us to learn about how cultural and financial factors affect different groups. Unfortunately, we discovered that for many the thought of sending their children to study in the UK at a boarding school is out of reach, which results in families not pursuing a very real and perfectly accessible dream.

UKAcademia has created partnerships with a group of carefully selected schools which offer a wide range of specialisms to ensure that we have something suitable for everybody. We have also created a number of exclusive agreements which give families the opportunity to stay for as little as two weeks in a boarding school for that unique first hand experience.

We have also recently opened UKAcademia Guardianship, providing families with a professional and vetted guardianship service whilst their children study in the UK.


Our Admissions Packages are simple and effective providing you with a five stage system.


UKAcademia has exclusive contracts with schools in the UK, enabling students to attend and experience life in a British Boarding School for as little as two weeks.


Our Study Tours are fully organised tours to five schools over one week.


A group of our schools have asked to assess students abilities and offer scholarships of up to 70%.


Get in touch if you have any questions about these services.