About Us

“As Trusted Experts in the Industry, Our Mission is to Continue Delivering the Most Engaging, Creative and Outstanding Opportunities for International Students and UK Schools.”

The international student recruitment market for UK Boarding Schools is huge, exciting and full of opportunity however, along with all the greatness comes complexity, risk and uncertainty.

UKAcademia, was formed to create an understanding of the student recruitment market, particularly focusing on schooling applications and, in turn, to simplify this process for our clients. We are one of the most trusted and unique providers in the industry who have partnered with associations worldwide and create opportunities for young people, ensuring that their journey from start to finish is a smooth one. Our partner UK Boarding Schools are carefully selected so that we can give all families a wide range of choices whether it concerns academic ability, affordability or simply a 'try before you buy' approach.

Since being founded in 2012, we have placed over 150 students into boarding schools for many long-term courses and have in-turn supported schools with their recruitment and international development agendas. Today, we have expanded to recruiting and supporting families from over 15 countries and have now opened offices in Thailand, India and Hong Kong. Our Headquarters remain in the UK.

Whilst recruiting for top schools from 15 different countries, we took time to really understand the process and explore any challenges so that we can create solutions as well as make the process less daunting. The two major components are schools and international students, and here is an overview of what we discovered:

High Administration Costs

Need for Diverse Student Community

Market Intelligence Information

Sourcing Trusted Agents

High Salaries with Low Reward

International Students

Not Enough Clear Information

Too Much Risk

Too Complicated

No UK Office

Language Barriers


We have listened to and studied all the feedback and created a number of exciting, affordable and trusted products which support all those involved in the process.

Our Products at a Glance

Virtual Recruiter Programme

International Offices to Drive Diversity

Expert Advice

High Ability Students

Guardianship Services

Clear & Concise Information

Exclusive Short Course Programmes 

UK Study Tours

Native Language Speaker

Trusted Admissions Process

Our History, Our Partners, Our Success...

Since being formed in 2011, UKAcademia has grown from strength to strength having built a reputation in the market as highly trusted experts. We have contributed towards making the recruitment market simpler and  more affordable for students who deserve to be rewarded for the hard work and abilities. Here is an overview of our journey:

2011 – Objective – To build a strong foundation and provision ensuring that families, agents and schools are provided with the best services and products.

We formed a small team alongside professional advisors to conduct research with the objective to trying to fully understand the global recruitment market

2012 - Objective – To compile market research in the UK and abroad

We formed partnerships with schools, government bodies, business chambers and international investment companies in the UK after establishing what our international/domestic partners and international families are really looking for. Our team travelled extensively over a period of six months visiting the following countries:

·       Bulgaria

·       China

·       Hong Kong

·       India

·       Kazakhstan

·       Netherlands

·       Nigeria

·       Romania

·       Russia

·       Spain

·       Sri Lanka

·       Taiwan

·       Thailand

·       Turkey

·       UAE

·       Vietnam


Our research was both exciting and extensive and we compiled a research paper outlining our findings, we would be more than happy to share this. For a copy, please get in touch.

2013 – Objective – To Thrive and Grow

We started to recruit and place students into boarding schools from Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Russia and Nigeria

2014 – Objective - Recruitment Development and Student Retention

We continued to grow our recruitment model alongside harnessing our relationships with schools, families and agents. Our feedback from schools demonstrated that we are not only trusted but we are also key players in building diverse student communities for their schools

2015 – 2016 – Objective – To Build and Grow

Through strong partnerships and family referrals we started to develop and recruit students from a host of countries. We also started providing consultancy for schools and further expanded our network by introducing consultants based globally and opening our first international office in Thailand.

2017 - 2018 – Objective – To introduce guardianship services, short courses and study tours

2017 was a really exciting time for UKAcademia as we developed and launched our new short course and study tour programmes which were created after conducting our research throughout the years. They were, and continue to be extremely popular with a large number enrolling.

In 2018, our families, partner schools and agents were suggesting that a guardianship company would be beneficial to all. After working closely with local councils, authorities and legal advisors to ensure a safe provision for students, we are happy to announce that our UKAcademia guardianship service is now up and running

The Future

To grow, to create more strong partnerships, to build stronger relationships and to continue offering an outstanding service to all those who are part of the UKAcademia mission in all corners of the globe.


Current Recruitment Statistics

Based on 155 Students: 

Hong Kong – 24%

Russia – 20%

Thailand – 19%

Vietnam – 16%

India – 8%

Europe – 13%

Our Offices

UK - London

UK - Leicester

Thailand - Bangkok

China - Hong Kong

India - New Delhi

Our Staff & Partners

Current UK Staff: 7

Current International Staff: 8

Number of Languages Spoken: 8

Current British Boarding school Partners

London - 3

Midlands - 4

North West - 3

North East - 2

South East - 2