Consultancy Packages

"Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products."



We have conducted research in 12 countries and learnt from schools, families and students about what they need.


Every model needs to be tested and we tried it with the focus on finding workable models for recruitment and school support.


This is our true identity which we strive to always be. Families return, organisations want to work with us and schools highly appreciate the value we bring to their school.



We provide a range of consultancy services and packages which support schools to develop a more robust and thriving recruitment department. Whether its training or agent introductions, we have always provided a top service for all of our schools.

After an initial meeting (face to face or on the phone), we will provide you with our proposal, all free of charge!

  • Setting up international recruitment structures through a unique service called the Virtual Recruiter
  • Support schools in developing an international recruitment structure from scratch
  • Providing up-to date market intelligence advice
  • International agent/consultant introductions in over 20 countries
  • Marketing and promotion for schools in a range of markets including online opportunities and global representation for exhibitions and fairs
  • Staff training for global recruitment strategies
  • Recruitment Representation – A service, which conducts student assessments on behalf of schools, which includes interviewing, testing and school report/portfolio collection.

Remember, we pride ourselves as the most professional experts at the most affordable prices!