"Highly regarded for our high standard approach to Child Protection, Safeguarding AND Quality Provision"

UKAcademia is pleased to announce the arrival of our new guardianship services. Our core values and beliefs of delivering the most outstanding provision for students remain the same and our guardianship service ensures that your child is happy, safe and well whilst in the UK.

We go that extra mile to ensure safety, care and attention is provided to the highest standards. Over the past year, we have been working hard to develop the best service we can and we believe that we have achieved this by now providing the following:

  • A rigorous and robust profile of policies to ensure your child is safe at all times
  • Created affiliations with local councils and governing bodies
  • Taking time to speak to current students, families and schools to build an optimum service
  • Hiring dedicated staff to ensure that students, families and schools have a 24/7 Liaison Officer
  • Sourcing a superb collection of host families with a wealth of previous experience in hosting international students
  • A rigorous monitoring and vetting service for all host families
  • Formulating outstanding half-term activities that blends the perfect mix of education and personal development


Guardianship Fees

Basic Guardianship Package

Registration Fee£130
Annual Guardianship Fee£775
Expenses deposit£600


Premium Guardianship Package

Registration Fee£180
Annual Guardianship Fee£1600
Expenses deposit£600


University Guardianship Package

Registration Fee£150
Termly Fee£150
Expenses deposit£300